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Jonathan teaches entrepreneurs and business executives how to build a better business FASTER, CHEAPER & SIMPLER and become a better entrepreneur. Whether starting up, growing or dying, Jonathan has the tips, tricks and strategies to get things moving instantly in the right direction. Mentor - Coach - Trainer - Speaker - Author.

When 3 entrepreneurs get together…

What does the taxi industry, sports medicine, recruitment and sports betting having in common? Not much apart from the ability to follow the same formula and become viable sustainable businesses.   Here’s what happens when 3 ex Entrepreneur’s Organisation VIC board members get together. We talk business, life, fun times and how we can make a difference in the world. Introducing – The Three Entrepreneurs – Sharing our wisdom with … Continue reading

Did you choose your business or did it choose you?

When you started or are looking to start a business do you carefully assess whether the business matches your criteria of what YOU want in a business?   Most business owners don’t know what they are in for and often get stuck.   Have you ever run your business idea and model through a funnel to make sure it ticks most if not all of your boxes?   Do you … Continue reading

When are you are your Peak Performance?

Doesn’t this sound simple? Capture the moments of when you were in ‘the zone’ and replicate.   Athletes spend hours mentally preparing by trying to relive those feelings of being ‘in the zone’ – both before performing and during performance.   The same goes in business. Remember the times when you were ‘on fire’ or ‘on a roll?   How did it feel?   Imagine spending 5 minutes each day … Continue reading

FREE 30 day Mentoring PROGRAM – APPLY NOW

Jonathan is offering the first of its kind:   A FREE intensive 30 day mentoring program to one lucky entrepreneur/business owner to show everyone how fast a business can grow in that time.   To apply all you need to do is complete my growth review form. Applications close 5pm Wed 22nd Oct AEST. APPLY HERE http://www.jonathanweinstock.com.au/growthreview/   To qualify: VERY BASIC CRITERIA   1. You must have an existing … Continue reading

Will your ego get the best of you?

We’ve seen many high performers come tumbling down. The Hollywood celebs, elite athletes, high profile performers whether they be locked up, in rehab, or still living the high life well past their prime.   They bred success, talent and ambition on the way up, and then ego, over confidence and cockiness on the way down.   Interestingly, many successful entrepreneurs have ego’s – some more secretly and less vividly than … Continue reading

Test your strength of character – are you weak or tough?

When the chips are down – how well do you fight?   When I played competitive sport, I remember refusing to never give up when the chips were down. Definitely a strength of mine – something I carried to the sports and business playing fields.   It was my responsibility as the wicketkeeper to keep the energy levels high and fight right until the last ball of the day.   … Continue reading

Listen up! Three-Quarter time speech. Huddle in…

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It’s time put ALL your eggs in one basket and FOCUS!

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FEARLESSNESS & BELIEF – Can you beat the #1 in the WORLD?

What we can learn from Nick Kyrgios, the 19 year old Aussie who just beat Rafael Nadal the world #1 in the 4th Round at Wimbeldon.   Click on the link to read the post: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/NEW-POST–Can-you-beat-the-World–1–Fearlessness—Belief.html?soid=1116134174618&aid=mlSGv368aJE    


Free E-Book release: Why you are a 90% chance to FAIL in business

      I am proud to announce the release of my first book titled:   Why you are a 90% chance to FAIL in business: Learn the top reasons why businesses fail and how you can maximise your chances of succeeding   It’s a MUST read for any aspiring business owner or Start-up!   To grab your FREE copy for a strictly limited time, please opt in to my … Continue reading


FREE Business Growth Review – JUST RELEASED!

Jonathan is NOW offering the exclusive opportunity to have YOU and YOUR business reviewed and assessed accompanied by a strategic growth discussion – FREE. Value is $297   Limited spots are strictly available!   Whether your business is at the idea stage, start up phase or already has its wheels in motion, Jonathan will help review every aspect of your business.   Get started here!  


The 2 Most Important Things You Should Never Take For Granted

Inspired by my personal experiences over the past 12 months, this blog post means a lot to me.   It was published on Lifehack today. Http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/2-important-things-never-take-granted.html        


8 simple ways to help someone today and make them feel special

Latest blog post, as published on Lifehack: 23/5/14   http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/8-simple-ways-help-someone-today-and-make-them-feel-special.html        


The importance of having a coach in business and life

Why is it that our parents typically invest in our sporting, musical and educational careers, but then not so much in helping us in life or business?   Remember those piano or guitar lessons you loved or hated? Were you forced to go to tennis lessons?   I wish I had more cricket coaching when I was younger! ‘If only’ is a popular phrase!   I remember spending hours in … Continue reading